DOSBox ECE (Enhanced Community Edition) – en

Here you can download my current builds of DOSBox for Windows and Linux.

DOSBox emulates an old DOS PC and, in my humble opinion, is the definitive emulator for PC games that required MS-DOS as operating system. The latest officially released version is 0.74, which came out in mid 2010. Since then, DOSBox has been in development continously, but no official version has been released, all changes are released as downloadable source code, e.g. on SourceForge, only.

Because I like and use DOSBox very often, I regularly compile the source code released on SourceForge into an unmodified version and an enhanced version containing various patches with improvements, which are created by several users in the DOSBox forums on Therefore I called this version “Enhanced Community Edition“, or short: ECE. In the VOGONS community you can also find help if you’ve got a problem with or a question about DOSBox.

Currently, DOSBox ECE differs from normal DOSBox in these features:

An overview of those patches integrated can also be found in a text file in the corresponding download. Older versions are stored in the “archive” folder: